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Getting Results Without Authority Training

Building an engaged project team is foundational to driving project performance. This valuable 2 day seminar delivers the knowledge you need about practical persuasion skills required to build trust in give-and-take relationships up, down and across the project, the organization, and even to stakeholders outside the organization. The focus of this program is the identification and assessment of the core competencies necessary to effectively produce results through others and learn to create them in a sustainable results focused environment. Understand your role and the tools and techniques necessary to become someone who influences the behaviour of others. This program is designed to enhance participantˇ¦s ability to plan, and execute the strategies, tools and techniques necessary for producing results through others.


Two Day Workshop

How You Will Benefit

This workshop will give you the keys to influence both the mind and the heart of those you interact with.  

You Will Learn To

  • Developing your credibility and charisma
  • Getting into sync with other
  • Identify the motives and needs of others
  • Give weight to your argument
  • Overcome objections
  • Listening, the basis of persuasion
  • Prepare your arguement to make the point!
  • Lean on their objections in order to better convince, persuade and negotiate
  • The art of obtaining without imposing

Course Outline

Take Stock

  • Understand the impact of your current influencing strategies
  • Explore the nuances of your negotiating  style and its impact
  • Contemplate the strengths and weaknesses of your current influencing style


  • Get to know the influence options, when to use them, and when to avoid them
  • Learn the elements of principled negotiation versus position based negotiations


  • Put into practice the learning and start developing the requisite skills  
  • Evaluate the impact of your influence
  • Style flex to match the person you are dealing with
  • Obtain results while strengthening trust and cooperation


  • Understand the necessity, if we wish to be heard, of speaking in the style of the other
  • See the importance of networks and relationship in success

Professional Recognition

14 Professional Development Units (PDU) recognized by PMI - Project Management Institute

Who Should Attend

If you wish to quickly acquire the fundamental skills necessary to influence those who surround you and those who are essential for your success, this workshop is for you.

What You Will Receive

  1. A soundly researched, unabridged workbook
  2. Worksheets
  3. Personality style assessments
  4. Plan of Action
  5. 14 professional development units from the Project Management Institute
  6. Certificate of attendance

Training Options and Costs

Customized or Adapted Options

  • You may choose to have us bring our training right to your door. Click here to ask us how
  • For training tailored to your business and corporate culture that uses your own real world examples, click here to ask us how.
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