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Overseeing Projects Training

Overseeing Projects is rendered impossible if the project does not provide the metrics necessary to evaluate project health and it is rendered useless as a basis for decision making if the information is not in line with the organizationís performance management framework.

This 1 day workshop is designed to look at filling the role of project sponsor or group overseeing projects in a way that supports the project. The workshop helps executives understand what to look for in order to determine if a project is healthy, on track, and likely to meet its strategic objectives. The entire question of project approval and the role of the sponsor, champion, and management as it relates to projects will be addressed.


One Day Workshop


How You Will Benefit

  • Better understand your roles as a result of reviewing the key project roles from the project’s view, the sponsor’s view, and the organization’s view
  • Being in a position to plan into you project reviews the key outputs and success factors of each of the 5 project processes and realistically assessing your time investment for each
  • Knowing what documents and key indicators to focus on in your project review
  • Having access to the monitoring and control tools
  • Being forewarned of the risks across multiple projects and organizational boundaries  
  • Fine tuning your essential project communications
  • Focusing on actions to move project management maturity in your organization forward

You Will Learn To

  • Fully assume your role on the project
  • Identify the plan content required for a particular project
  • Analyze whether the appropriate levels of oversight are in place for the project risk level
  • Determine if the project plan being presented for approval should be sanctioned
  • Spot potential project issues related to time and budget before moving into project execution
  • Define the project information required for corporate decision making
  • Use project monitoring and control tools
  • Ensure that lessons learned on the project get incorporated into the corporate knowledge

Course Outline

Strategic Planning – should answer the question, “what projects should be undertaken in order to fulfill the organizational mandate, increase the value proposition and guarantee sustainability of the organization?”. Ensuring that the project objectives and the strategic link are clear and supported is an essential role of overseeing projects as is establishing the complexity and risk associated with each project. The benefits of this function are:

  • Work alignment that supports efficiency
  • Agile responses to opportunities and risks
  • Integration of operational demands into the project context

Capacity & Demand Management – looks at establishing priorities, quantifying the demand, reconciling demand to capacity, managing backlog, and handling requests that are cancelled or not approved. The benefits of this function are:

  • Capture of the demand and connecting it to resource capacity
  • Structured processes for prioritizing demand and optimizing the labour profile
  • Reduced overlap and redundancy

Stewardship – ensuring the cost-benefit ratio of stated project objectives are considered within the context of delivering programs and balancing changes if and when it occurs. Stewardship is strongly predicated on the flow of the right information in a timely fashion and an understanding of the escalation and stage gating process.  The benefits of this function are:

  • The mitigation of financial and operational risks associated with the project and changes in strategy and priorities
  • Improved financial governance
  • Ability of the project team, client, partners and suppliers to have the information necessary to play their role competently

Continuous Improvement – When the benefits are established against the forecasted returns and the lessons learned two significant benefits can be gained:

  • Capturing and crystallizing of corporate knowledge
  • Refinement of processes that, over time, allow more responsive and innovative product and service delivery

Professional Recognition

7 Professional Development Units (PDU) recognized by PMI - Project Management Institute. The PDUs can be used towards gaining and/or maintaining the designations of PMP® (Project Management Professional), CAPM® (Certified Associate Project Manager), or PgPM® (Program Management Professional).

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for executive who are responsible for overseeing projects and project managers and who wish to understand how to fulfill this mission critical role and its evolving importance in organizations today.

What You Will Receive

  1. A soundly researched, unabridged workbook including: Worksheets, Templates and Checklists.

  2. 7 Professional Development Units recognized by the Project Management Institute
  3. Certificate of attendance

Training Options and Costs

Customized or Adapted Options

  • You may choose to have us bring our training right to your door. Click here to ask us how
  • For training tailored to your business and corporate culture that uses your own real world examples, click here to ask us how.
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