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The Art of Leadership Training

The Art of Leadership is about understanding people, and about getting people pointing and acting in the same direction. The unique role of a leader is then to provide the energy and commitment to see projects and priorities through. Leadership can be an elusive quality. Although there are no easy answers to these questions, key elements of leadership can be studied and developed.

Join us for this 5 day program to help you learn more about what you can do to improve your leadership style.


Five Day Workshop

How You Will Benefit

  • Through a process of self assessment related to each of the Leadership competencies, identify your style, your strengths, your transferable skills, and where to focus to get even better
  • Develop and practice the skill set during the workshop
  • Based on your own skill set and particular situation, you will develop a plan of action for growing the skills even more once back at work

You Will Learn to

  • Distinguish between the Manager and Leader roles and functions
  • Understand the place of Leadership in everyday activities
  • Set the foundation for growing Leadership abilities
  • Assess how your values impact Your Leadership style
  • Appreciate the role of Trust in Leadership
  • Discern how others may wish to be lead
  • Review the attributes and characteristics of  productive team working climate
  • Apply strategic leadership
  • Identify the basic personality styles and the implications for working with and leading others
  • Communicate in a compelling way
  • Successfully plan and implement changes
  • Increase your power base in order to be a more effective leader
  • Build coalitions, partnerships and consensus
  • Deal with obstacles
  • Build a profile of one’s own current leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Ensure knowledge transfer to the workplace through the use of the Plan of Action

Course Outline

  • Leadership Challenges
    • addresses the key actions of leadership and sheds light on the future of leadership
    • explores the Leadership/Management distinction
    • answers important questions like what makes a person want to follow a leader
    • itemizes the factors influencing leadership
    • looks at leadership from the perspective of many great thinkers on the subject: Senge, Covey, Kouses & Posner, Drucker and more.
  • Personal Leadership
    • makes a case for proactive behaviour
    • frames leadership indicators and drivers
    • provides you with your own leadership profile
    • explores when and how to apply your style preferences effectively
  • Leading Change
    • establishes the need for change
    • reviews the leader’s role in change and the creation of a change plan
    • answers why change creates resistance and how to dissipate it
  • Person, Personality, Leadership
    • explores the gifts and liabilities of each personality style
    • provides you with your own personality profile
    • looks beneath the surface to clues on how to manage individual people
    • helps to develop strategies to work with your own team
  • Organizational Leadership
    • focuses on turning leadership into results
    • explores growing a key skill in organizations: influence
    • itemizes the essentials of developing effective partnerships
    • provides you with your own profile
    • addresses seeking renewal, growth and continuous improvement for ourselves, our team, and the organization

Professional Recognition

This workshop is recognized by the Project Management Institute for 35 Professional Development Units (PDU) The PDUs can be used towards gaining and/or maintaining the designations of PMP® (Project Management Professional), CAPM® (Certified Associate Project Manager), or PgPM® (Program Management Professional).

Who Should Attend

If you want a real-world approach, fundamental skills required for successfully working with, directing and leading others, this is for you. This program is designed to help enhance Knowledge Transfer and have you, and those around you, benefit from the applied understanding of the skills necessary to inspire and mobilize others.  This workshop is intended for project managers, supervisors, and managers with a minimum of two years of experience overseeing others.

What You Will Receive

  • A soundly researched, unabridged workbook
  • Worksheets
  • Personality style assessments
  • Leadership style assessment (360)
  • Plan of Action
  • 35 professional development units from the Project Management Institute
  • Certificate of attendance

Training Options and Costs

Customized or Adapted Options

  • You may choose to have us bring our training right to your door. Click here to ask us how
  • For training tailored to your business and corporate culture that uses your own real world examples, click here to ask us how.
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