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At DMS we cater to the many ways in which people learn by using activities that include a spectrum of tools, techniques, mediums and interactions to guide the learning journey and transform performance.

Below you will find workshops we have designed to address actionable job-related skills in the areas of project management and working well with others



Get your plan done fast so you can move into producing results

The lessons learned in this workshop will provide you with what you need to produce quality output, on time, and within budget. Learn a comprehensive project start-up, planning, and control process that provides practical techniques for successfully completing projects given the competing demands of scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. As part of the workshop, you will work in a project team and follow the full life cycle of a project of your choice from initiation through to close out. By using case studies, interactive exercises, and discussions you will learn to apply Project Management best practices and avoid many of the common problems that occur on projects.
Multiple Project Simulation

In this five day workshop you will experience, dissect and learn to create the foundation of a successful project climate, recognize the warning signs and symptoms of project teams that need attention as well as learn to resolve many of the situations that impact projects. Project environments are complex environments. In our exploration of the process of working in projects, we experience team dynamics, complacency, conflict, getting and keeping support for your project, and dealing with changes all while attempting to produce results and respecting the triple-constraint that guides good Project Management.
Tactical Project Application

This two day risk program strikes at the heart of project risk decisions and provides easy to use effective techniques for measuring and modeling the overall project risk. This program is designed to help you identify, analyze and quantify the uncertainties affecting your project in order to avoid, minimize or deal with them in an effective fashion. Remember, if you donít identify a risk you are already assuming it.
You will learn the essential concepts of risk from identification through to control. The emphasis is on being able to apply the appropriate methods and tools in the workshop environment in order to better face the risks of your real-world projects.
Dealing With Project Problems

The Project is off track Ė now what?

There are 8 easy steps to the fix once the two key positioning questions have been answered. Learn the solutions for typical project problems and become versed in identifying what is likely to make your project go off track. Get solutions for dealing with stakeholders who continually change their mind, deadline crunch, a lack of resources, people who donít do what they are supposed to and much, much more. Get the fix!
The soft skills needed to manage the human side of projects

This 5 day program is a hands-on development program for people who produce results through others: Project Managers, Project Leads, and Team Leads. It deals with the entire spectrum of soft skills you will require to do your job effectively.

The focus of this program is taking the core competencies necessary to effectively produce results through others and learn to create them in a sustainable results focused environment.
Know Where to Focus to Tell if Projects Under Your Watch are On Track

Overseeing Projects is rendered impossible if the project does not provide the metrics necessary to evaluate project health and it is rendered useless as a basis for decision making if the information is not in line with the organizationís performance management framework.

This 1 day workshop is designed to look at filling the role of project sponsor or group overseeing projects in a way that supports the project. The workshop helps executives understand what to look for in order to determine if a project is healthy, on track, and likely to meet its strategic objectives. The entire question of project approval and the role of the sponsor, champion, and management as it relates to projects will be addressed.
Make People Want To Follow You

The Art of Leadership is about understanding people, and about getting people pointing and acting in the same direction. The unique role of a leader is then to provide the energy and commitment to see projects and priorities through. Leadership can be an elusive quality. Although there are no easy answers to these questions, key elements of leadership can be studied and developed.

Join us for this 5 day program to help you learn more about what you can do to improve your leadership style.
Essential competencies for the front line Supervisors and new Managers

This 6-Day program is a hands-on development curriculum for people who produce results through others: Supervisors, Managers and Project Managers. It deals with the entire spectrum of soft skills required to facilitate results effectively, efficiently and successfully.

The focus of this program is taking the competencies necessary to effectively produce results through others and learn to create them in a highly sustainable, results focused environment. This program will not only assist you in learning to deal with the most difficult performance issues, but it also looks at helping your team to go from their current level of performance, no matter how good that is, to the next level.
Influencing up, down, and across organizational lines

Building an engaged project team is foundational to driving project performance. This valuable 2 day seminar delivers the knowledge you need about practical persuasion skills required to build trust in give-and-take relationships up, down and across the project, the organization, and even to stakeholders outside the organization. The focus of this program is the identification and assessment of the core competencies necessary to effectively produce results through others and learn to create them in a sustainable results focused environment. Understand your role and the tools and techniques necessary to become someone who influences the behaviour of others. This program is designed to enhance participant°¶s ability to plan, and execute the strategies, tools and techniques necessary for producing results through others.
Solutions Thinking - Alone and in Teams

We have all seen reports related to problem situations or recommendations related to a decision that needs to be implemented where nothing is done in spite of the recommendations being solid. We have also seen solutions fall apart because the consensus for support has dissipated.

This course is designed for people who want to learn how to make good decisions and how to get them implemented. From preparing to solve a problem or take a decision, you will learn when to do it on your own and when you should involve others. You will learn the steps to effective decision making and problem solving and you will have an opportunity to practice them. This 2 day workshop is focused on getting you the tools, techniques, and work aids to make your solutions better and more productive.
When The Team is Not Colocated

We expect virtual teams to produce very real results. This 2 day program deals with setting the foundation to produce inter-dependence, accountability, and results when a team is not located in the same office. Learn to capitalize on the benefits of a virtual team and deal with the solutions to typical problems such as supervising someone at a distance, and turning the technology into part of the solution not the problem.


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