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Learning Styles

Please fill out the survey below, checking any of the statements which you feel describes you as a learner. Once you complete the survey, you will be given more information about each of the learning styles according to which styles suit you most. Each learning style has its advantages and disadvantages. You can be successful with any combination as long as you apply the learning style to produce the desired results.

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1. I feel the best way to remember somethign is
to picture it in my head
to talk it through
to write it down
review the information several times
2. In a meeting, I generally would rather
just listen to an explanation or point of view
have a presentation with diagrams, graphs, or maps
debate the issue at hand
take notes and review them later
3. When I want to get caught up on the news I
listen to the radio
almost always use a number of sources
watch the television
have a discussion with someone I know is current on the news
4. You are getting directions to a location only a few minutes away. Would you prefer the person giving you the directions
wait while you repeat the instructions back to them and confirm or correct what you have said
explain how to get there and send you on your way
draw you a map and point you in that direction
not exist. With a map I find my way around even in unfamiliar surroundings
5. When doing something for the first time, I prefer to
observe someone else do it first
be coached through the activity
devise a plan of attack and then do it
do what feels right
6. When telling someone about a good movie or book
I will repeat some of the dialogue
describe the scene
mimic some part of the action or interaction
explain different parts using several of the above
7. You are working on a project with a coworker and you have just received a piece of vital new information. The coworker is in another part of the building several minutes away. You would:
phone the coworker immediately and tell them about it
send an email with the details
bring the document with you and reference it as you discussed the information
map out how this impacts the work
8. You are responsible for choosing a new piece of equipment (example: cell phone, computer monitor, or camcorder). The budgets have been approved and all the items are approximately the same price. What would most influence your decision?
what the salesperson had to say
what the online user group had to say
trying out the functions
the look and feel of the device
9. You are going to learn a new software. Learning will be easiest if the on-line tutorial has
pictures and diagrams
integrated exercises
an audio function that explains what to do
an off button. You will try the tutorial if you canít figure it out yourself
10. You are going to buy a book. Other than price, what would most influence your buying decision?
you have another cookbook by the same author
a friend recommended it
thumbing through the book
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