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Risk Management Training

This two day risk program strikes at the heart of project risk decisions and provides easy to use effective techniques for measuring and modeling the overall project risk. This program is designed to help you identify, analyze and quantify the uncertainties affecting your project in order to avoid, minimize or deal with them in an effective fashion. Remember, if you donít identify a risk you are already assuming it.
You will learn the essential concepts of risk from identification through to control. The emphasis is on being able to apply the appropriate methods and tools in the workshop environment in order to better face the risks of your real-world projects.


Two Day Workshop

Currently Available Only for In-house Groups

How You Will Benefit

  • Exposure to the tools and techniques used to identify, monitor, and manage risks
  • Determining the thresholds for dealing with risk
  • Developing risk responses for uncertainties that threaten the goals and timetables of the project

You Will Learn To

  • Determin what should be included in you project’s risk management plan based on the project’s complexity and exposure profile
  • 5 techniques to identify project related risks
  • Analyze the probability of a risks using increasingly more complex methods as appropriate
  • Quantify the impact of the risk
  • Determine the threshold for tracking risks and the way to seamlessly integrate the tracking into the project plan
  • Select appropriately among the 5 categories of risk response
  • Develop a risk response plan
  • Close out risks and ensure that the corporate knowledge gained is retained

Course Outline

  • Identify risks and their context to minimize the chances of lost opportuntiy or issues turning into problems
  • Experience individual, group and taxonomy based risk identification (6 methods in all)
  • Analyze risk data to create decision-making information
  • Evaluate the impact, probability, and time-frame of the risk
  • Determine the importance, classification and priority of individuaal risks and groups of risks
  • Explore the domino effect of risks
  • Use the decision flow chart to determine and assign responsibility for the risk response and its tracking
  • Select a risk response from among the 5 strategy categories
  • Define the scope of the risk response and the actions required to respond to a risk
  • Track the risk indicators and the project progress in order to determine the need to activate corrective action or contingencies
  • Develop efficiencies by effectively integrating risk and project management activities
  • Discern and create useful measures, triggers and indicatorrs
  • Acquire, compile and report on the risks, mitigattion, and project status
  • Control deviations by continuing with the current plan, executing a contingency, re-planning or closing the risk

Professional Recognition

14 Professional Development Units (PDU) recognized by PMI - Project Management Institute. The PDUs can be used towards gaining and/or maintaining the designations of PMP® (Project Management Professional), CAPM® (Certified Associate Project Manager), or PgPM® (Program Management Professional).

Who Should Attend

This workshop is a hand-on development program for project team members who encounter risks and uncertainty as part of their project duties.  This workshop is essential for those responsible for risk reponse planning and the project managers.

What You Will Receive

  1. A soundly researched, unabridged workshook including: helpful recaps, glossary of terms, checklists, worsheets, self-assessments, and personal development plan
  2. 12 Professional Development Units (PDU) recognized by the Project Management Institute
  3. Certificat of attendance
  4. A CD Rom containing templates and other useful support materials

Training Options and Costs

Customized or Adapted Options

  • You may choose to have us bring our training right to your door. Click here to ask us how
  • For training tailored to your business and corporate culture that uses your own real world examples, click here to ask us how.
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