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Project Management Institute

Alpha to Omega Training

In this five day workshop you will experience, dissect and learn to create the foundation of a successful project climate, recognize the warning signs and symptoms of project teams that need attention as well as learn to resolve many of the situations that impact projects. Project environments are complex environments. In our exploration of the process of working in projects, we experience team dynamics, complacency, conflict, getting and keeping support for your project, and dealing with changes all while attempting to produce results and respecting the triple-constraint that guides good Project Management.


Five Day Workshop

How You Will Benefit

Apply each of the tools and techniques of planning and ensure that you can apply them on your projects back at work.

Understand how organizations make project related decisions

Learn to speak to people higher in the organization chain so that they understand the impact of their actions and decisions on the project

9 out of 10 problems on projects stem from the human factor, learn to create an environment that minimizes the likelihood of people related issues

You Will Learn How to

  • Set up a project in a way that encourages buy-in by the various stakeholders
  • Turn a group into a team
  • Protect the project against “Group Think”
  • Manage decisions making when multiple parties with differing interests are involved
  • Deal with individual performance or lack of performance within a team
  • Balance the need for creative tension and the danger of conflict
  • Handle conflict and resistance
  • Influence the project initiation process
  • Manage in different organizational environments
  • Ensure that the people who should be involved in the project are at the decision making table
  • Manage your leadership style to match the project and organizational culture
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of key players on the project
  • Prepare a project Charter
  • Set project objectives that meet the needs of the project, the client, and the organization
  • Include into the plan the elements necessary to execute and to oversee the project
  • Predict the likely bottlenecks and challenges that the project will face
  • Anticipate the likely causes of change

Professional Recognition

35 Professional Development Units (PDU) recognized by PMI - Project Management Institute. The PDUs can be used towards gaining and/or maintaining the designations of PMP® (Project Management Professional), CAPM® (Certified Associate Project Manager), or PgPM® (Program Management Professional).

Who Should Attend

If you manage projects in a complex high-speed environment and need to understand the best practices and real-world approaches to keeping on schedule, on budget, and to do it while providing what was initially promised and perhaps providing a little ‘wow’ without adding scope creep?  Then, this program is for you.

What You Will Receive

  1. A soundly researched, unabridged workbook including: Helpful recaps, Worksheets, Templates, Self-assessments, and Checklists.
  2. 35 Professional Development Units recognized by the Project Management Institute
  3. Certificate of attendance

Training Options and Costs

Customized or Adapted Options

  • You may choose to have us bring our training right to your door. Click here to ask us how
  • For training tailored to your business and corporate culture that uses your own real world examples, click here to ask us how.
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