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Development for high performance should be designed to empart knowldegde and skills and must identify the most effective vehicle to achieve any learning objective. It should begin with the identification of the measurable outcome (requirement) and a review of the existing work (content and process) and corporate environment (culture) and must always takes into consideration the human aspect (people). From the exploration of these 5 key items the best learning frameworks are crafted.

DMS believes you should have involvement in determinging what format works best for both you and your organization. There is a spectrum of learning options that may be best met fully by "in class" options but the true gamet runs a wider scope, with options supported by technology and simulations, and can range from peer groups through to highly individualized and customized coaching. These can also be augmented by putting into place the right processes. The latter would likely be provided through consulting.

Once the required objectives are identified and the development format chosen, validated and benchmarked DMS turns to the execution:

  • All DMS facilited development must be practical, relevant and up-to-date. To help ensure content is provided in interesting, thought-provoking and innovative ways only DMS trained instructors with a solid track record of working with adult learners in a business environment are part of the team.
  • Learning in DMS sessions is hands-on practical work presented within a context of just enough theory to ensure participants understand the 'why' behind any action. It is after all the key to productive application.
  • At DMS we look to continually improve at meeting your needs. The DMS team challenges its limits through our own development objectives and we keep apprised of the latest research and newest methods.
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